Season19 Part2-2 Character maximum level expansion

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Character maximum level expansion & season rewards

1. Character maximum level expansion
   1) The maximum character level has been changed from 1,600 to 1,650.

 max level

2. Season level reward
   1) If you reach ‘level 1,600’ before the next season, you can obtain a reward box.
  2) The reward box is delivered in a Gremory case, and the receipt period is 30 days.
  3) The validity period of the reward box received from Gremory Case is 14 days.
  4) You can obtain [Dark Lord] Mune by throwing the reward box on the floor.

        - Reward boxes that have been deleted due to the expiration of the collection period cannot be recovered.
        - Reward boxes cannot be recovered if their validity period has expired and cannot be used.

Postado 17-05-2024