New hunting ground, Tormenta Island

1. Tormenta Island

1) Background Story

This is a story before the birth of Elveland.


Due to Lemuria's attack, Elbe was destroyed and the Elbe people

He fled to the huge island right above Tormenta Island, which was absorbing the energy of Tormenta Island, which emits powerful energy.

The Elbe people hastily protected the huge island with Iruha's veil to prevent Lemuria's attack.


Lemuria attempts to destroy Iruha's tent, but fails.

'Tomenta Island', the energy source of this huge island, released his minions to take control of 'Tomenta Island' and sealed the entire island.


The Elbe people use Iruha's tent and fall into a state of suspended animation using magic.

Afterwards, the seal of Lemuria on 'Tomenta Island' weakened.

The Elbe people who fell into suspended animation gradually regained consciousness and became the present-day Elveland.


The seal of Lemuria on 'Tomenta Island' was broken, but the power of Lemuria affected 'Tomenta Island'.

Originally, ‘Tomenta Island’ was difficult to approach because it was emitting powerful energy.

After being sealed for a long time, the powerful energy it had before was weakened, and when the seal of Lemuria was broken, it became known to the world.


Most of Lemuria's minions that were released before sealing 'Tomenta Island' have disappeared.

Some of them were fused with powerful energy on 'Tomenta Island' and became spirit-type monsters.

These monsters became the new owners of ‘Tomenta Island’.


2) Map information


Hunting groundHow to moveEntry levelhunting penalty level

Tormenta Island

1) [Move Command Window]
You can move by consuming 50,000 Zen.

2) [Travel on foot] You can move through the entrance located at
Elberand 3 (182, 195).

- You can use Assistant Plus to move to the hunting ground (main/sub-main) of the desired attribute. 

- Tomenta Island is an attribute hunting ground, and monsters with attributes appear.

- There is a safe zone on the map, and you will be moved to the safe zone when you enter the hunting ground, die, or reconnect.

- Monsters have excellent damage probability resistance, critical damage probability resistance, damage absorption,

  It has a debuff probability resistance value. 

- The shock ability of Tormenta Island monsters has been added.

  (Tomenta Island monsters have an additional shock probability of 9.5%.)


3) Main drop items

Major drop items
Excellent Lightning Armor
Apocalypse Chaos Combination Amulet Fragment


4) Tormenta Island Monster

NameStorm Guard

Attacks at close range by swinging a huge hammer.

It's a monster.


NameStorm Reaper

Swing the sword quickly with both hands

close range attack

It's a monster.


NameStorm Fiend

Using lightning in both hands

A long-range, wide-area attack

It's a monster.

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